Thursday, August 9, 2012


See that blue sky reflected in the window?  Much better than the string of rainy days we've been having. Though I will remember this stretch of summer when (if) winter is as dry here as it was last year. 

This temperature, at noon today, is much better than 94, which seems to be the standard these days.  Not that I'm complaining.  Just saying.  It's steamy here. 

The living room currently looks much better than it does in this picture.  Last night I went on a tear and found better places to keep a lot of the favorite toys.  And by better, I mean, not lined up around the edge of the room. 

This young lady starts preschool in just a few short days.  She can't wait.  Yesterday she and I wrote a novel.  She dictated, I wrote, she illustrated.  The story involved airplanes, neighbors, swimming pools, and "Juliett's spirit."  Would she be better off in kindergarten this year? I wonder a little, but I am glad we're starting it off easy. 

My garden is doing better with all that rain.  The potted hibiscus is blooming again.  The blooms are the size of dinner plates.  Well, almost.  Absolutely unreal. 


Not much better than this.  Smiley boy on bike.  One of many bikes.  He likes to carry his matchbox cars around in a purse these days. He loves knock-knock jokes almost as much as Amy does.  Neither one of them understands what makes a proper knock-knock joke, but nevertheless, they crack each other up.  

Yup, not much better than this. 

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