Friday, February 25, 2011

Mom's Rules (or, Moms Rule)

Well, well. I have had the grand luxury of spending the last two weeks with my mommy. A little time here, a little time there; it's been a wonderful way to polish off February. All manner of topics were discussed, all sorts of projects shared, never quite enough time for any of it. And as always after some time away and the perspective that only a mommy can provide, I have returned refreshed and recharged and ready to make some changes; seize control, steer this ship in the right direction, etc, etc. No inmates running the asylum here.

And that's not to say that anything (or anyone) is out of control - quite the contrary, but as seasons change I want to do a little spring cleaning of my mommy-arsenal, just as I've spent winter decluttering and bringing focus to our physical places.

With that in mind, I present a rough draft of Mommy's Rules, possibly to be represented in poster and/or picture form for the benefit of all family members. Suggestions welcome - I will say that none of this is original or ground breaking; most is barely more than obvious. I simply want something in writing to remind myself that it is okay to be consistent about certain things.

1. Be Kind and Play Nicely
2. Share Toys
3. Say Please and Thank You
4. Be Patient
5. Be Helpful
6. Cooperate
7. Don't Interrupt
8. Respect the Phone
9. Sleep All Night Long [preferably in your own bed]
10. Cultivate Faith as a Family

These are all still jostling around in my head, and may yet be expanded, consolidated, or reworded. But just putting them "out there" is a good start for now. I'll keep you posted on this project (and lots of other projects of the yarn and fabric variety - ooh, do I have plans!) as the weeks unfold.

Thanks for a great two weeks, Mom and Dad!

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  1. I like #8 - Respect the Phone!! Need to work on that one. At least we've moved away from "don't chew on the phone." :)