Friday, December 10, 2010


I really thought I had JUST updated my blog, when I took a closer look and realized it was last Wednesday that I posted - more than a week! Where have the days been going??

Oh wait, I know:

Right now I have:

- Christmas presents in the oven.
- seven orange post-its stuck to my desk.
- a Santa hat on.
- a song called "Christmas Monkey" stuck in my head (be glad you don't).
- finished more sewing projects in the last week than in all of 2010 (I think).
- and still way too much on my to-do list between now and December 25th.

But, I'm not stressed or complaining about any of this - crazy busy, yes, but mostly self-imposed. An ambitious list gives me great direction and purpose for these days leading up to Christmas. And particularly in the sewing department, it feels so good to be working on so many things, and actually completing them at a steady pace.

Speaking of which, I better check the oven then trot on up to the sewing "closet" before the evening slips away in blog-land!

Merry Christmas!

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