Monday, May 17, 2010


Finally getting around to a post on the quilt I recently completed. This one might take the prize for length of time "in progress." The fabric was a set of 35 ten-inch squares in coordinating blues, yellows, whites, and greens. Blue and yellow has always been one of my favorite combinations. Anyway, I know I ordered the fabric with birthday money - probably 4 or 5 years ago. It took THE longest time to decide how to use it all, because as much as I like blue and yellow, in the decorating world none of my other stuff really leans in that whole French-country direction. So I knew if I made a quilt it would be a bit of a misfit for the time being.

But anyway, somewhere during the time I was expecting Amy I decided I'd cut all the squares into strips and re-piece them together... and then sometime later realized that because of seam allowances I would no longer have squares... and then sometime later had the brilliant idea to trim off the extra length (about 2.5") and sew all that together to use as binding.

Last summer/fall I decided to do a basket-weave layout and nixed any plans to add sashing. Within a few weeks I sewed all the blocks together, added the border, batting, and backing, and tried valiantly to machine quilt the top but just. could. not. finish. I blame a combo of cats, morning sickness (or rather, naps), and a sewing machine that jammed and/or broke my thread approximately every 3 minutes. I was so close and yet so far...

Anyway, fast forward a few more months to April when I acquired my lovely new machine and at long last, finished up the remaining free-motion quilting in one afternoon, then sewed on the binding, labeled it, washed it, and photographed it. Hurray!

Isn't that exciting?? I think so - I love completion. This makes the fourth quilt I've completed, with another one just waiting to be quilted (that one has been hanging around since last summer now, too - drat).

Now it just needs a home!

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  1. It is beautiful! And the story is great. I love how the fabric grew into the quilt it wanted to be :)