Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday and Such

I am getting a bit behind on my project updates but the three of us have had a nice stretch of days here and I thought I'd share some family activities first.

Saturday morning Amy and I met up with Don at the station while he was catching up on some work. One of Amy's long-time favorite activities is throwing stones off the pier ("that was a HUGE splash!"). She actually has quite a decent throwing arm, something she definitely did not get from me.

Warm and sunny day, little girl in cute stripey pants. Good stuff.

And whenever I get extra time with my guy I'm a happy camper.

Sooo... Monday was my, ehem, 27th birthday. I felt a little Eeyore-ish in the morning: "Rain. Figures." And Amy woke up at 6. And I was catching a cold. Awesome start. But Don got home from work mid-morning and the rest of the day was very nice. There is nothing quite like a two-year-old's enthusiasm to make a birthday feel special. She presented me with birthday card ("Mommy I got you a Christmas card for your birthday!") and Don got me this book. In the afternoon I took a solo trip to the Kohls that just opened in town - it was probably better for our budget when there wasn't one nearby...

For dinner I subjected everyone to one of my favorite childhood dinners, cheese fondue. Don liked it much more than he thought he would, but Amy wanted nothing to do with it and requested a salad (seriously). And then we topped off a half pound of cheese with the birthday-cakiest of birthday cake: Funfetti with Rainbow Chip frosting. Yes. No culinary points scored, but oh it was quite good. And again Amy's enthusiasm totally made the moment.

Now enough about me. Today was a reasonably nice day so we bought the lumber and soil to make a raised bed in our tiny yard. More on all our little gardens as the season unfolds. But we (and by we I mean Don) at least got the hardscaping out of the way.

Amy took a break from "helping" Daddy to pick these teeny tiny white flowers, which she called "honey roses."

Amy was out of steam before the project was complete and she and I went in to watch Cinderella, so I did not finish my photo-journaling of this project, but here's the finished frame just before Don dug out the ground and set it it. Perfect!

Now, with any luck I'll squeeze in another post before the week is out and get closer to being caught up with the goings-on around here - it's been a busy month!

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