Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To Clarify

A reader very near and dear to my heart suggested that perhaps I had divulged too much private family information in my last post, with my references to money. I need to clarify that my post was meant to be a general pondering about "life these days" - as in, don't we all have too much stuff and too little money?

My writing was NOT a reflection on our financial security, and any angst and frustration I expressed is purely with myself - since I am the one who does 90% of the spending. The questions posed were to myself: how can I be a better home economist and make better use of our family resources? I certainly meant no disrespect to the income-earner, nor did I mean to alarm any family members who might take what was only an exercise in putting thoughts on paper (albeit in a very modern, super-public forum) as an indication that we are in some sort of financial disarray. That is certainly not the case.

So, there. Thanks for listening!

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  1. I thought of another blog you might enjoy.


    She tackles a lot of the topics you've brought up and is dedicated to mindful, Godful, homemaking.

    I didn't find your post to be too personal or alarming, for what it is worth.